Scottish roots of the Ryder Cup

September 25, 2014 • Post by:

This year is ‘the year of homecoming’ and with the recent 2014 Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow, it’s already been a busy summer. But for golfing fans perhaps the biggest event is still to come.

The Ryder Cup matches at Gleneagles in September is one of the biggest sporting occasions in the world. The Ryder Cup is something that most Scottish people who know their history will be looking forward to. Why? Because 93 years ago Gleneagles held the first ever match between Great Britain and USA.

In September 1920, Golf Illustrated wrote to the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) suggesting that a team of American pros would be selected to play at the 1921 British Open, which had never been won by an American golfer. The following spring a team of 12 Americans was announced.

The first two matches in 1921 & 1926 are considered unofficial, both matches were won by Great Britain. The second match at Wentworth was definitely the most significant, as there was one man in attendance by the name of Samuel Ryder, who enjoyed the match so much he stated ‘we must do this again’, and then the Ryder Cup was born.




In 1927 the first official match took place in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA and two talent-flooded teams faced off to win the first Ryder Cup.

Over the years The Ryder Cup has provided us with some excellent entertainment at the highest level of golf and some truly memorable moments.

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