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When it comes to choosing a tartan garment, whether it be to wear at golf, a social event or a wedding, it’s not always as simple as just choosing a tartan that you think simply looks good.

The reason for this is because traditionally, tartans are associated to Scottish clans and families, so some people may be reluctant to purchase or wear a tartan unless it’s a high street tartan purchase.

So in this instance we present to you, the Granite Grey tartan. Unlike the other tartans we offer, the Granite Grey does not belong to a clan or family, which makes it a valid option anyone who falls into this category we’re talking about.

So what is the origin of the tartan if it’s not from a clan? With the Scottish hills and mountains of Royal Deeside being predominantly made up of hard granite rock, it seemed fitting to associate this tartan with the landscape of that region. This particular scenery is something that can be appreciated most on the road from Perth to Inverness.

Whether you are a fan of Scottish tradition and heritage or prefer wearing tartan following current fashion trends, we cannot recommend the Granite Grey enough.


Royal & Plaid colour – Grey, Dark and Light Grey Tartan with thin White stripe. Created in 2005.

100 Polyester, machine washable.

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