Why has tartan made a comeback?

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A tartan garment is classed as traditional Scottish clothing, but despite it’s traditional roots tartan has made a comeback on to the fashion scene in the last few years.

After thinking of Scotland at the mention of tartan, the mind then goes to the punk bands of the 70s, where you would see one or more members of the band sporting tartan trews, and even kilts on some occasions. Tartan was also prominent during the ‘grunge’ trend though the 90s.

I saw the punks wear it when I started going to London in the 1970s,” he says. “That’s where I understood that it could be subversive. I embraced it and keep coming back to it. It’s a traditional fabric, used throughout the centuries, which suddenly became a symbol of rebellion and anti-conformism.” – John Paul Gaultier.

It would now appear that tartan is back for the foreseeable future as we have seen plaid garments taking pride of place in the windows of high street shops, and also being worn by many celebrities.

So why are people opting for tartan now when choosing what to wear? We feel it adds a touch of class to what you’re wearing, but adding a tartan garment can bring to life an otherwise dull outfit.

During the punk era people wore tartan to be different, because it was against what was considered ‘normal’. Now, it’s simply because people appreciate the beauty of tartan and how aesthetically pleasing it can be.

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