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February 29, 2016 • Post by:
Granite Grey 2[1]

I’m from a Property background workwise and it’s been a huge learning process for me designing and finalising my ladies range.  I wanted to bring the general look of ladies wear up to date and move away from baggies trousers and elasticated waists.  Design a blazer that can be worn for any occasion and one that you can wear casually or smart.

I’ve had a great Mentor in Ian Docherty (my father-in-law) who has a wealth of knowledge in the tailoring side of things.  I am now familiar with tailoring terminology, what fabrics are made out of and layout of blazers and trousers.

On receiving our first samples, I was so delighted to see the finished garment, but that was just the first step as there where changes to be made to the fabric, the collar, the buttons, the lining.  After looking at the garment in more details and with more market research my changes were made and our second batch of samples arrived.  I am not out on the road with them and also did my first Trade Show in Glasgow at the beginning of the year.

I have received good feed back from existing and new clients and now need to get our batches made up and ready to sell on the internet.

It’s and exciting things to be doing and I learn something new each and every day without fail.

I hope that you enjoy and have attached the picture of the ladies Grey Granite blazer, I have included all the pictures on the website so that you can see clearly each aspect of the garment.


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